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Terrier & Pointer Mix

Meet Darcy-
This loving angel has had a tough time of it but you would barely know it. Darcy is loyal, shy, curious, submissive, playful, smart and oh so loving. Seriously, Darcy is the most loving girl ever- she cannot get close enough to give and get love! Darcy is house trained, crate trained and walks EXTREMELY well on a leash- she enjoys going for long walks and is learning to be a jogging partner. She loves other dogs - she is playful- loves to romp around and wrestle with other dogs. Darcy is good with kids- she willingly goes up to them and asks her belly rubs! Darcy enjoys playing with toys- she likes to surround herself on the couch with them- and she likes to chew on bullysticks and a good bone. Darcy is learning to play fetch and LOVEs it- she is very proud of herself each and overtime she brings a toy back! Like I said- she is a love! And Darcy loves car rides- she is always eager to go for a ride!! At night she likes to sit on the couch and hang out with you as everyone unwinds from the day!! Darcy is still a little skittish and is working through things that scare her. She bonds quickly to the female in the house and will look to her for guidance. Darcy is a homebody- she is very comfortable in her home and her yard hanging and loving!! Darcy needs a loving, mellow home that will support her and provide her with the love, positive experiences and care this sweet girl deserves and in return you will live with a true faithful companion- truly her humans best friend.

Female · Adult · Medium

News and Events

Petsmart Adoption Event

Saturday, July 22nd

Our next adoption event is coming up shortly! Spots Last Stop is proud to announce we will be partnering with Petsmart in EDEN PRARIE for our next adoption event. As always SLS will have a number of adorable puppies as well as sweet and loving adult dogs. If you've been looking to add a new dog to your family, or even would just like to come love on some of our adoptable dogs or find out how to get involved with Spots, we would love to see you there!  


Where are they now?

Former Name: Wheedle
Current Name: Baloo
From Baloo's Family:
Nicknames: Baby Baloo, Baloocifer James, Batdog. He was a puppy so lots of changes! He knows how to shake, speak, whisper, high five, dance and sit "pretty". He settled into the family very nicely. Baloo's favorite activities are playing fetch or zoomies. So happy to have him in our family! We love our Baloo.

Resources And Partners


Helpful Tips & Tricks

In an effort to help all of our adopters be successful with their new dogs, SLS has pulled together a number of resources to help with the transition and training of new dogs as well as the interactions between current dogs and family members. Adding a new family member to your home is an exciting time for everyone involved and often a new learning experience...

Our Partners

Training, Boarding, and Veterinary Care

Spot’s Last Stop works with numerous companies and veterinary clinics throughout the Twin Cities. Through maintaining these relationships, we are able to provide our rescue pups with the necessary medical care, training tools, and other related needs to better ourselves as a rescue while we set the pups up for a successful adoption and the lives they deserve. If you have adopted through Spot’s Last Stop and are interested in getting in contact with one of our partners, please contact us to see if there are discounts or free exams available.