French Bulldog

Female · 3 years · Small

Date of Adoption: January 17, 2018

Meet Ella-

Little Ms Attention Diva!! Ella is a darling, sweet, curious Frenchie who has a significant hearing loss. Ella needs her forever family to understand hearing loss in dogs (lot's of resources out there) and to be wiling to teach her hand signs. With that being said- here is Ella-

Ella is friendly, laid back, independent, reserved, loves attention and is VERY curious!! Because of her hearing loss, Ella has a very unique personality! She is the most curious dog we have ever seen. She has to check everything out and any time you are doing something she hasn’t seen before she will be right there sniffing it, pawing at it, and checking it out. No matter what it is, even the vacuum! Ella is good with strangers and cats! She does not really care about other dogs and because she wants ALL the attention, she needs to be an only dog and in a home without children. Ella would make a perfect apartment dog- she is so laid back and easy going!! She is potty trained and loves her crate! Ella loves napping in the sun and stealing blankets off the couch, nosing them into a ball and sleeping on them!! She also enjoys hanging out with her people- either being in the same room or preferably on you lap!! This special girl is looking for that special someone who will love her for who she is and will take the time to understand hearing loss in dogs. This sweetheart is ready for a loving and snuggly forever home!

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