English Bulldog & Boxer Mix

Female · 4 years · Medium

Date of Adoption: January 26, 2018

Meet Blanche-

The name Blanche totally fits her- she is such a character. Blanche is a huge LOVE- this girl has had a hard life- came into rescue starved, filed down teeth and probably tied/chained due to her fear of the leash but despite all that she LOVES everyone and everything. She is social, friendly, happy, playful, affectionate and believes she is a lap dog!!! If you sit on the floor with Blanche she will snuggle up in your lap and 'purr'- at least Blanches version- more like a piggy snort- very bulldog! Blanche is crate trained but when you are home she loves to hang out on a comfy dog bed by your feet! Even without her front teeth and partial canines, Blanche still enjoys a bone (literally chews it in downward dog-see photos) and soft dog toys! She loves to run round the back yard and play with the other dogs- she does require a fenced yard. Blanche runs and plays like a boxer but is total bulldog on everything else!! This girl is so happy to be safe and loved that she will just stare at you with love in her eyes! If you are looking for a loving, goofy, fun, easy going, sweet homebody to snuggle with - Blanche is your girl!! You cannot help but fall for this special girl!!

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