Dachshund Mix

Female · 2 years · Small

Meet Frankie-

Frankie is a shy, sweet, low energy, lap dog. She's housebroken and goes to the door when she needs to go out. Frankie loves playing with the resident dogs who are her same size, but Frankie does not play much with toys or people. We're thinking she may not have much experience with it, but she is learning and does try! Likes the kong filled with peanut butter and a treat. Will sometimes chase or try to play with toys with the other dogs but is not always sure what to do with toys but is learning!! Thus, Frankie will need to be placed with another dog -who can show her the ropes - she is a perfect 2nd dog!! Frankie is good with older, well-mannered children, but can be nervous/anxious around small or loud children. Frankie is sensitive to loud voices so a firm 'no' is all she needs to be redirected. Frankie takes a little time to adjust to new situations so she can be a little standoffish at first, but when she does her sweet, loving personality shines through! Frankie is absolutely a love-bug and loves to sit and cuddle. Frankie is not a barker, and we rarely hear her bark even if the resident dogs are barking. Frankie mostly ignores our 2 cats, but every now and then when the resident dog decides to play with them she'll join in! This sweet girl is easy going and loving- just look at those eyes!!!