Pug Mix

Male · 7 years · Small

Meet Winkie-

It is hard to see in the photo but his right eye is only partially open so it appears he's winking at you hence the name Winkie. Winnie is Mr social, curious, friendly, playful and affectionate. He LOVES to be with his humans!! He loves attention so he loves to be pet and/or simply sit on your lap when he can. He'll follow you around the house simply to be by his human(s). Winkie is good with other dogs, new people and children. He does love getting his share of attention- if you're petting another dog and not him he will run right up and wiggle his way in the middle to get pet too. Winkie enjoys chewing on an antler or kong! In true Pug fashion, Winkie is a trip- just a funny dude looking for his forever home where he can gets lots of love and attention!