Plott Mix

Female · 9 months · Medium

Meet Luna-

Calling all Plott Hound lovers- here is your girl! Luna is beautiful and sweet as can be! Luna is social, curious, friendly, funny, playful and affectionate. Luna loves to meet everyone and greets people with tails wags and butt wiggles! Luna is very playful and loves to play and run with other fun and playful dogs! Luna loves to go on walks and is doing very well on leash. She has great house manners and enjoys sleeping on the bed right next to you! Because she is in her teenage years, consistent boundaries and training is key- she would excel in an obedience and/or flyable class- she is smart and treat driven. She loves being outside running around and playing. After playtime, Uma will snuggled on the couch with whomever is around!! Luna was hit by a car when she was younger which resulted in a hip surgery. Her leg is still healing so the more exercise the better. Due to her injury, Luna needs a house without young children- she loves children and is great with them but children do not understand about her leg. Luna is awesome at playing by herself- she will roll around and play with a toy! Of course she would love for you to throw a tennis ball or play tug! Luna LOVEs the tennis ball- again she will throw it to herself and play!! Luna also loves to get her ears rubbed as you two watch tv on the couch! This gorgeous girl is looking for an active and loving home who will rub her ears!!!

If you are interested in filling out an adoption application for Luna, Please click here.

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