Welsh Corgi & Collie Mix

Female · 8 months · Medium

Meet Aria-

The social queen! Aria is social, outgoing, curious, friendly, talkative, moderately active, playful, and affectionate. She is good with dogs but she is awesome with people, Aria especially loves children!! She loves to be with people (including children), so much so that she has a difficult time with being alone. I would say she has mild separation anxiety. She is so cuddly and sweet. An ideal home for her would be a stay at home parent, or someone who works from home or part time. Aria is great on leash and has good house manners. She enjoys walks, chasing balls, chew toys and snuggling! She loves affection - both giving and receiving! Aria is so sweet and cute- when she sees children, she crawls on her belly over to see them! She has adorable corgi ears and face with more of a collie body (long legs) but still about 35-40lbs. Aria is a special girl looking for a special home with lots of love and affection b/c that is what you will get form her!!