Pit Bull Terrier & Labrador Retriever Mix

Female · 8 months · Medium

Meet Daisy-

Or Daisy Duke as she is known as! Daisy is outgoing, curious, friendly, laid back, playful and affectionate. Daisy LOVES humans, especially her humans. When she's meeting someone new her tail wags so hard her hips go side to side to the point her back feet barely stay on the ground! Daisy is potty trained and does well outside of her kennel for a full workday. Daisy’s ideal family would love to cuddle her 24/7, especially at night- she's a real snuggle bunny. At some point as a small puppy, Daisy’s front paw was hurt and quit growing at the same pace as the rest of her body. While her paw is all healed now, she still has a little bit of a limp now and again. We call it her “giddy up” walk. Daisy is great with her foster brother, but she becomes worried about new dogs. Daisy would thrive with a human family that projects a relaxed and calm vibe, where her laid back style would fit right in. Daisy's favorite activities are going for short walks, car rides, playing with tennis balls and toys, snuggling, and chasing the laser pen. She'll chase the laser pen up and down the hallway with her foster brother. Daisy Duke is a darling girl who needs a family that will give her a loving home & show her all the good things in life! Her foster parents are willing to give training pointers they’ve learned from a professional to better understand Daisy and make sure she is successful in her new home. She’s a happy girl that wants nothing more than to please her humans and give lots of love to! If you are looking for a true snuggle Bunny- Daisy Duke is your girl! Daisy can’t wait to meet YOU!

If you submit an application and do not receive a confirmation email, please email us at casey@spotslaststop.org and let us know.