Pointer & Spaniel Mix

Female · 1 year · Medium

Meet Chrissy-

Chrissy is part wiggle-worm, part snuggle-bug. She is either playing or curled up next to you on the couch or in your lap!! Chrissy is a 35lbs dog which is a great size - sturdy enough for long walks/runs and still small enough for laps! She is crate trained but she prefers to avoid them- she will literally rollover and play dead when she knows it's crate time! Yes, she is a character!! . She is house trained too - so she has graduated to being left alone in the house for up to 4+ hours without the crate (just make sure shoes are put away & she has some chew toys with a warm place to snuggle). In her foster home, Chrissy spends her days running and playing with the big dogs, however she has done well when meeting small dogs too. She loves to play a game with one of her foster siblings, they go back and forth swiping a chew toy back and forth. Chrissy can be a little shy at times but as she gets confident in her home and routine, she will continue to blossom. She is learning commands and wants to please her humans so obedience training would be so fun! She also benefits from having a sibling dog around to show her the ropes and keep her company whenever her people are gone! Chrissy's signature move is to lean into your legs, slide down and roll onto her back to beg for a bellyrub. She gets the cutest smile on her face when you do it too! Her favorite toys are definitely chew toys!! OR any toy one of her sibling's happen to have at the time! Chrissy is a great girl who is looking for a loving and active home- if you are looking for a running, hiking, snow shoeing, activity buddy plus a snuggle on the couch friend- Chrissy is totally your girl!!

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