Harley & Ivy

Dachshund & Jack Russell Terrier Mix

Female · 1 year · Small

Meet Harley & Ivy- Bonded sisters!

These two are a total stitch- they are super cute, funny and goofy! The girls are sisters that are bonded and need to stay together. They are playful, silly, timid in new situations, lovable and interactive. They both are very comfortable in known spaces and with known routines but as soon as you walk a block further than they are used to or someone new comes into the house get nervous. It just takes them a little bit to get used to new people and then are fine running around! Both like other dogs with proper intro and have no problem with the cats. They would do well with older school age children that respected them. They walk well on a leash and are working on their house manners!

Harley and Ivy share a middle name--Mischief. Their fabulous little minds are always at work. Their favorites are sorting laundry (clean or dirty), destroying their toys and scavenging for anything that could be brought out to make a more enjoyable day. Decorating their crates with various items mean it has been a productive day!!

They are physically stunning in their own way. Harley has a lean build with pop-up ears and a pig's curly tail. Her nose is pitch black and there is very little white on her body. Ivy has the look of a puppy with a bit sturdier build, lower and longer body and short floppy ears. She has a brown nose and four white dapple paws with a white breast and about 5 white hairs on the very tip of her tail.

The girls love kisses and affection. They run the house and nap in about equal portions -they play hard then crash hard!! Ivy jumps off everything like she is leaping into a lake. Even though they are bonded, they do bond with their human and love to have fun with them!!

They may be one, but they are all puppy and every fabulous thing that comes with it. Who is ready for 2 fantastically goofy, loving and fun girls?