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Spot’s Last Stop works with numerous companies and veterinary clinics throughout the Twin Cities. Through maintaining these relationships, we are able to provide our rescue pups with the necessary medical care, training tools, and other related needs to better ourselves as a rescue while we set the pups up for a successful adoption and the lives they deserve.

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Spot's Last Stop (SLS) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit canine rescue located in the Twin Cities. SLS matches local families with homeless canines in need of forever homes by following an adoption process that is easy and fair to adopt a homeless dog in need. Our rescue is made up of a team of dedicated volunteers and fosters who support our mission to save rescue dogs with love and support. Our foster and volunteer networks are considered family and we all support and encourage one another while sharing the same passion of helping homeless dogs arrive safely to their forever homes.

Our Mission

At Spot’s Last Stop, it is our mission to place homeless dogs into loving and caring homes within the Twin Cities area while simultaneously continuing to help financially support our southern rescue partners as we continue working together. As many of our dogs come from the southern states where spay and neuter laws are non-existent and high-kill shelters are over-populated, we are passionate about helping to do what we can to alleviate these issues. With the help of transport services and other southern rescues, we are able to rescue around 60 dogs each month!

Due to the high euthanasia rates and ever-growing lists of dogs waiting to come into rescue, we firmly believe in a fast and easy adoption process that allows qualified adopters to be matched with their fur-babies in both an efficient and fun manner for all parties involved. In doing so, we are hoping to contribute to a decrease in euthanasia rates as well as to raise awareness about the severity of the canine overpopulation problem in the southern United States.


Spot’s Last Stop started in October of 2015 when it became very apparent to Director Casey Adams that there was a massive problem in respect to animal rights and overpopulation that needed to be addressed in the southern states. While every state deals with the same issues such as animal abuse and neglect, these issues come on a much greater scale in the south. After these problems started to come to light, Spot’s Last Stop was able to connect the dots on how to contribute and help make a difference to these struggling shelters, rescues, and dogs.


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