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Beagle & Basset Hound Mix

Meet Harley-

How can you resist these eyes? Harley is outgoing, friendly, social, curious, independent, playful, responsive and fun. In true hound fashion, Harley loves to have his nose to the ground- he needs a fenced in yard so he can leisurely and safely smell his territory!! He is crate trained and is working on some training- with the correct harness he walks well on a leash! Harley loves to meet new people and loves to play with other dogs. Harley is a squeaky toy guy- he LOVES, LOVES, LOVES them!!! He also enjoys playing with balls & tug of war. Harley enjoys being petted, brushed, being outside, frosty paw ice cream treats & car rides- he is a great passenger! As the day wounds down, Harley likes to lounge on the couch and hang with his humans! Harley has beautiful eyes, you can see right to his soul. And those velvet ears of his! What can I say they are is Harley- the boy you have been looking for!

Male · Adult · Medium

News and Events

Petsmart Adoption Event

Saturday, April 22

Our next adoption event is coming up shortly! Spots Last Stop is proud to announce we will be partnering with Petsmart on Shakopee for our next adoption event. As always SLS will have a number of adorable puppies as well as sweet and loving adult dogs. If you've been looking to add a new dog to your family, or even would just like to come love on some of our adoptable dogs or find out how to get involved with Spots, we would love to see you there! 


Where are they now?

Former Name: Harley
Current Name: Harley
From Harley's Family:
Nicknames: Sweet Girl, Gorgeous, Snorzilla, Harlequin. Harley is a funny 'little' dog who thinks she is a lap dog. She is lots of fun- she loves being outside, and she snores! She makes it her mission to chew up any toy. Harley loves to chase her stuffed pink camo ball and loves playing with the barn cats. Harley is doing well and we are enjoying her so much.

Resources And Partners


Helpful Tips & Tricks

In an effort to help all of our adopters be successful with their new dogs, SLS has pulled together a number of resources to help with the transition and training of new dogs as well as the interactions between current dogs and family members. Adding a new family member to your home is an exciting time for everyone involved and often a new learning experience...

Our Partners

Training, Boarding, and Veterinary Care

Spot’s Last Stop works with numerous companies and veterinary clinics throughout the Twin Cities. Through maintaining these relationships, we are able to provide our rescue pups with the necessary medical care, training tools, and other related needs to better ourselves as a rescue while we set the pups up for a successful adoption and the lives they deserve. If you have adopted through Spot’s Last Stop and are interested in getting in contact with one of our partners, please contact us to see if there are discounts or free exams available.